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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Sarkozy Scamming Quebec's Hoodwinked Separatists

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"Sarkozy’s sovereignty comments spark anger in Quebec" [FN 1]

By Philip Authier and Peter O’Neil, Canwest News Service Published: 04/20/2009, (Tuesday, February 03, 2009) in the National Post online

On 3 February 2009, Philip Authier and Peter O’Neil, Canwest News Service, reported that "top Quebec sovereignists" were "enraged" by French President Nicholas Sarkozy's publicly stated "preference for a united Canada" during a visit to Paris by Quebec's so-called Liberal Premier Jean Charest.

"Mr. Sarkozy," they say, "shows he does not understand their movement and has been too long under the influence of top federalists such as Paul Desmarais, head of Power Corp."

This is where the real separatists are being manipulated and controlled by the phony separatists, such as Pauline Marois and the Parti Québécois, a fake political party created in 1967 by fiat of a secret committee run by Power Corporation.

Quebec's unhappy separatists don't even know who their real founders are, and who really runs them, and to what end they are destined. For, it is not Sarkozy in France, but the real separatists in Quebec who have been "too long under the influence of top [so-called] federalists such as Paul Desmarais".

Paul Desmarais and the Desmarais-owned Power Corporation and related assets are not Canadian "federalists", they are "world federalists" working to destroy Canada for North American Union, a step toward world union and one-world government.

Power Corporation, a founding member of the Canadian Council of Chief Executives (CCCE) has been sitting in the highly undemocratic North American Competitiveness Council (NACC) since March 2006[FN 2] dictating to three sovereign nations of North America how to alter the regulations attached to their laws, in order to merge all three nations into one by "harmonization" under the Council on Foreign Relations) CFR's Building A North American Community plan, mirror to the European Community.

 The Unity Show
The Unity Show
Produced and Directed by Power Corporation

It is documented in the book "In the Eye of the Eagle" by Jean-FranÐois Lisée that as early as 1967, Power Corporation was running a "secret committee" of largely federal Ministers from Quebec, including Pierre Elliott Trudeau, on Power Corporation premises every Friday night in Montreal.

Lisée discloses that the "secret committee" deliberately infiltrated French-Canadian groups to turn them so "radical" it would be "shocking". That "secret committee" also resolved to create a SEPARATIST PARTY as an umbrella to consolidate all the separatist movements that had been radicalized by the "secret committee" of Trudeau and Power Corp.

That same "secret committee" produced Pierre Elliott Trudeau's election team that officially placed him in office after an "iconic" moment the night of the Saint-Jean Baptiste parade when Trudeau clung to his seat in the reviewing stand during a rock-and-bottle throwing incident.

That same "secret committee" produced Pierre Elliott Trudeau's election team that officially placed him in office after an "iconic" moment the night of the Saint-Jean Baptiste parade when Trudeau clung to his seat in the reviewing stand during a rock-and-bottle throwing incident.

The fact that Power Corporation's "secret committee" with Trudeau on it was infiltrating and manipulating separatists for the purposes of Power Corporation in 1967 strongly suggests that this "iconic" moment was yet another staged event which won the Prime Ministership for "secret committee" member Trudeau.

Even his assumption of power may have been well thought out and staged: for, Prime Minister Lester Pearson, who recruited Trudeau to "fight" the "separatists," then retired while in office allowing Justice Minister Trudeau to step into Pearson's shoes, but as interim Prime Minister. Thus, Trudeau had the extreme luxury of scheduling his own first federal election for the morning after the St-Jean-Baptiste parade that gave him his "iconic" moment and returned him to the Prime Minister's Office.

Moreover, both Pearson and Trudeau always knew that there is no power to secede under Section 92 of the British North America Act, 1867. Therefore, Pearson (a known Soviet agent) recruited Trudeau and others from the "secret committee" at Power Corporation, to deliberately escalate a separatist movement under a Constitution which denies extra-territorial powers to Provinces. In other words, no Provincial government can pass any law or take any step to secede, or that would substantially affect any other province, let alone the whole country. Trudeau, constitutional lawyer and Justice Minister, knew this.

The question that remains is: what were POWER CORPORATION and TRUDEAU using this "separatist" party to do? And the answer is: in all its propaganda, the Parti Québécois proposed "Sovereignty Association" to "keep Quebec in" Canada, while using the appearance of "separatism" from Canada as blackmail to get "Sovereignty Association".

The high-wire act performed by the Parti Québécois with tailored media coverage by the multinational-owned press and broadcast media (then as now), is to create the appearance that the PQ is "separatist" so as to manipulate the separatist movement towards the goal of Power Corporation: a merged North America.

The "separatists" being wielded by Power Corp. via the Parti Québécois, are "opposed" by the Liberals who are also owned by Power Corporation which thus controls both sides of a phony debate created by Power Corporation and its operatives working in Canada's political underground.

The Liberals, who under Robert Bourassa in Quebec in 1991 purported to enact a Quebec law forcing a referendum to break up Canada by a deadline, are nothing more than one more corporate tool to deceive and blackmail Canadians into accepting an EU-style "association" after a YES vote in one or another phony referendum. therefore, nothing will stop phoney Liberal Jean Charest from calling a third and final Referendum if the Parti Québécois is unable to get its foot back in the door. Sarkozy's award to Charest is no doubt in full anticipation.

Moreover, these phony referendums to break up Canada were the work of "secret committee" member Pierre Elliott Trudeau, who handed the concept to Lévesque as the winning 1976 separatist platform, and challenged Lévesque to do it once Léesque had seized power.

 Sovereignty Association What is "Sovereignty Association" in reality? It is the European Economic Community (EEC) and then the European Union, which René Lévesque (a cloaked world federalist) would have imposed on the "rest of Canada" by TREATY tantamount to the Treaty of Rome that formed the EEC in 1957.

The object of POWER CORPORATION, TRUDEAU, and other FAKE federalists has always been to impose the EEC-EU system on Canada, for EU "federalism" is a step on the way to continental fusion and annihilation of the nation-states by absorption into a single planetary federation under a future high-tech communist-fascist-socialist one-world government by the self-appointed bankers and their gang of corporate invaders.

René Lévesque threatened to resign[FN 3] as leader when PQ militants tried to remove the word "Association" from the PQ party platform, which in reality is Power Corporation's platform. Jacques Parizeau, strategically pretending to oppose Lévesque along with the militants, then jumped into the leadership and simply changed the label to "Sovereignty Partnership". Thus proving it doesn't take much for the fox to hoodwink the militant hens.

In other words, the REAL separatists were being used and deceived by Lévesque, and then by Parizeau, and now by Pauline Marois, as well as by phony "separatist" Gilles Duceppe pretending to run a provincial "section" at the federal Parliament. All these people are annexationists, not separatists. Duceppe even lectured at the May 2008 Model Parliament for North America held at Montreal City Hall. Also lecturing were so-called "separatist" former premier of Quebec after René Lévesque: Pierre-Marc Johnson (a signatory to the Building A North American Community plan to annex Canada), the NDP's Jack Layton, and Ruby Dhalla for the Liberals! Bernard Landry, Pauline Marois, Louise Harel, Louise Beaudoin and other card-carrying 'separatists' have all hosted tea-parties over at the NAFI "model parliament" for a re-federated Communist North America, Charles-de-Gaulle style.

The word "association" in the term "Sovereignty Association" refers to the "associate state" status of the nation-state members of the European Union, which in 1980 was still called the EEC. In order to forcibly MERGE the nations under world government, the first required step is "association" under a supranational level which dictates "laws" to gradually usurp the national sovereignty of the member states. That supranational level in a "Sovereignty Association" between "Quebec" and the "Rest of Canada" would impose the same undemocratic measures on Canada and Quebec as are now being used to aggressively pump the sovereignty up and out of existing EU member nations.

 French President Charles deGaulle French President Charles de Gaulle was fully aware of this when he cried "Vive le Québec libre!" in 1967, the 100th national anniversary of Canada. De Gaulle, a co-founder of the EEC with former Nazi Germany certainly knew he was manipulating Quebec separatists to destroy Canada by appealing to their egos. After all, had the General cried, « Vive le Québec associé ! » the response would have been a vast yawn.

And therefore, the good General (and his co-conspirators, whom I believe included at least two members of Bilderberg: Prime Minister Lester Pearson and Paul Martin, Sr—the latter sent by the former to visit de Gaulle in Paris to prepare his Canadian "visit") were apparently implementing the Power Corporation plan. That plan—ripened in the "secret committee"—was to create a phony separatist party to marshal the power of perceived victimization into a force to dissolve the Constitution of Canada. "Negotiations" would then intervene to replace it with the rapidly expanding EEC-EU system for North America.

That same year, TRUDEAU and POWER CORPORATION completed their infiltration plans of Quebec's nationalist groups and set up the groundwork for the phoney Parti Québécois to push Power Corp's EU-style agenda: "re-federation" by TREATY for Quebec and Canada. To do this, they concocted two phony options: [1:] "separatism" and [2:] "association" with clear intent to have the "association" option "accepted" by Canadians as their "only alternative to: [1:] "separatism".

And thus, Canadians have been repeatedly duped by our corporate-controlled phony federal and provincial government mafias.

If Nicholas Sarkozy appears now to be pushing Canadian "unity" this is only to revive the issue in the public mind in preparation for the THIRD AND FINAL phoney referendum to force the "Association" or "Partnership" option on unsuspecting Canadians who are still to be blackmailed into accepting the EU system as if "Association" or "Partnership" were the only way to "keep Quebec in" Canada.


When French President Sarkozy extols the "unity" of Canada, he means the re-federated "unity" of an EU-style Canada. He means the "Association" option that appeared on the 1980 referendum ballot and the "Partnership" option that appeared on the 1995 ballot. In other words, he means EXACTLY the same thing as Charles de Gaulle on 24 July 1967.

North American Union is scheduled for 2010, cold-turkey if Quebecers cannot be ultimately buffooned by Power Corp and its operatives in our governments into voting YES for it.

The reality is that there is no intention at all for Canada to survive. A 1941-42 communist world planning map by Maurice Gomberg, immigrant to Philadelphia, depicts precisely what the Wall-Street backed Stalinists had called for in 1936: a progressive merging of nations into continental socialist unions, culminating in continental union and world communist union under a one-world government:

 1941 Communist Map of Future World Unions
1941 Communist Map of Future World Unions

Gomberg Map Contains No Canada

Either that map is one big coincidence, or the world today, over 70 years later, has largely come to resemble it by the direct and indirect actions of those behind the plan for a totally non-democratic, dictatorial one-world government.

For more information on POWER CORPORATION and the PLANNED END OF CANADA, visit the GROUNDS page at:

Kathleen Moore
The Official Legal Challenge
To North American Union

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[FN 1} "Sarkozy’s sovereignty comments spark anger in Quebec"

[FN 2] The North American Competitiveness Council [NACC] was created as an official tri-national working group of the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America (SPP)at the second summit of the SPP in Cancún, Quintana Roo, Mexico, in March 2006.

NACC Members

U.S. Representatives:

* Lou Schorsch, Mittal
* Joseph Gilmour, New York Life
* William Clay Ford, Ford
* Rick Wagoner, General Motors
* Raymond Gilmartin, Merck
* David J. O'Reilly, Chevron
* Jeffrey R. Immelt, General Electric
* H. Lee Scott, Wal-Mart
* Robert Stevens, Lockheed Martin
* Michael Haverty, Kansas City Southern
* Douglas R. Conant, Campbell’s Soup
* James M. Kilts, Gillette
* Herman Cain, Whirlpool

Canadian Representatives:

* Dominic D'Alessandro, Manulife Financial
* Paul Desmarais, Jr., Power Corporation of Canada
* David Ganong, Ganong Bros. Limited
* Richard George, Suncor Energy Inc.
* Hunter Harrison, CN
* Linda Hasenfratz, Linamar Corporation (NACC chairperson)
* Michael Sabia, Bell Canada Enterprises
* Jim Shepherd, Canfor Corporation
* Annette Verschuren, The Home Depot
* Rick Waugh, Scotiabank

Mexican Representatives:

* José Luís Barraza, President of Consejo Coordinador Empresarial (CCE) and CEO of Grupo Impulso, Realiza & Asociados, Inmobiliaria Realiza and Optima
* Gastón Azcárraga, President of Consejo Mexicano de Hombres de Negocios (CMHN) and CEO of Mexicana de Aviación and Grupo Posadas
* León Halkin, President of Confederación de Cámaras Industriales (CONCAMIN) and Chairman of the Board and CEO of four companies in the industrial and real estate markets
* Valentín Díez, Chairman of the Mexican Business Council for Trade, Investment, and Technology (COMCE) and former Vicepresident of Grupo Modelo.
* Jaime Yesaki, President of Consejo Nacional Agropecuario (CNA) and CEO of several Poultry companies.
* Claudio X. González, President of Centro de Estudios Económicos del Sector Privado (CEESP) and Chairman of the Board and CEO Kimberly-Clark de Mexico
* Guillermo Vogel, Vice President of TAMSA (Tubos de Acero de México)
* César de Anda Molina, President and CEO of Avicar de Occidente
* Tomás González Sada, President and CEO of Grupo CYDSA
* Alfredo Moisés Ceja, President of Finca Montegrande

[FN 3] René Lévesque, Attendez que je me rappelle... Québec/Amérique 1994 [his biography, originally published in 1986] See the timeline at the back of the book:
(i) « octobre [1978] Dans une déclaration à l'Assemblée nationale, René Lévesque souligne que la souveraineté et l'association forment un tout. »
(ii)« "juin [1979] Septième Congrès du Parti québécois. Les membres du parti appuient la position de René Lévesque sur le lien entre la souveraineté et l'association. »
(iii) « mai [1980] Référendum. Le «non» l'emporte par 59,6 %, 44,4 % pour le «oui». Le taux de participation est de 86%. Le «oui» obtient une majorité dans 16 des 110 circonscriptions.»
(iv) « 3-6 decembre [1981] Congrès du Parti québécois : radicalisation du parti, une majorité de délégués exclut du programme du parti toute référence à l'association. René Lévesque menace de démissioner. »

Think carefully, now: René Lévesque threatened to quit over the word "association". Why? Because, without the word "association," the whole concept of «état-associé» vanishes. It is the word "association" which will transform half the continent of North America, instantaneously, into a North American Union disguised as "keeping Quebec in Canada".

UPDATE: 27 November 2011:

Further evidence has come to light which proves my point that Quebec was never trying to "secede". The following is a segment clipped from a 2007 video of Canada's current CHIEF JUSTICE, who SLIPS while speaking to students at Stetson Law School and admits the Supreme Court knew Quebec was NOT "seceding":


[FEMALE STUDENT:] I'm curious as to what your--either your most difficult or most memorable case that you adjudicated.


[Laughter] I'm always asked that, I never can answer it. Because, you know, uh, there are a lot of difficult cases and to remember different-- it's like having a very large family and remembering different ones for different reasons, and—[pause for water] uh--

[FEMALE STUDENT:] Do you have a particularly emotional-- that affected you emotionally, perhaps?


Um—I, I, I can't say that, I mean—one tries not to get overly emotionally affected by it. But, part of being a judge is being able to, at least intellectually, distance yourself somehow. And, and, if a judge is starting to get emotional about 'I have to win this point' or 'I have to drive this home' or 'I have to establish that agenda'—I think that it is something you should watch for and not, and be very careful about.

So, the whole business of judging is standing back and listening to what each party has to say and conscientiously trying to make the right decision. So, no—when I think of memorable cases, I mean I—you can think of some that um, um, uh, that really have important uh constitutional impact. For example, we had a reference on the secession of Quebec, uh, a few—uh, ten, ten-twelve years ago. But there was a—there was a referendum in Quebec that very nearly ended in a vote for something called "Sovereignty Association". Uh, which, people aren't too sure what it is—wasn't outright separation, something less, but still—a political kind of division.

And uh, and uh, so the federal government put a reference to the Supreme Court and asked whether a province could unilaterally secede from the country? Now, that's a huge question. Our Constitution didn't say anything express about it. So, we had to get together as nine judges—it's also a politically linked question, and we tried to—as I mentioned in the same-sex reference—avoid getting embroiled in—in, you know, political, because you think that's for Parliament—

So, it was a delicate task, and I think it's one where the Court acquitted itself very very well. We ultimately said that, um, uh—if a province, uh, ah, if a province's people, on a clear question, by a clear majority decided that they wanted to secede, uh, then, uh, the federal government would be obliged to sit down and have negotiations.

And we, we talked about four principles, the principle of democracy, the principle of respect for minorities, uh, the principle of equality, and uh—the, uh, fourth one doesn't come to me-- oh, federalism—and that these principles would imbue any—they w—they almost are—uh, the groundwork upon which the Constitution is set, if you wish. And therefore, while the Constitution itself doesn't say much about secession, you have to look at those principles in resolving it.

So, again, we kind of threw it back, we said yes, it could be possible, that at least you have to have discussions, um—we have a tradition in our country where we don't fight about these things, we wouldn't kill each other over it—we have negotiated discussions about it. And, we would try to work it out peacea—peaceably.

Well, that seemed to please everybody. Uh—oh—that, that's why it's the highlight of my judicial career. It's the only decision we ever made that pleased everybody.

[Laughter; general laughter]

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Comment: Why would Canada's federal government ask the Supreme Court if it was legal for Quebec to "unilaterally secede" if Quebec wasn't seceding? "Unilateral secession" is in fact the criminal act of high treason. But, what is "Sovereignty Association"? Is THAT legal? Why didn't Canada's federal government ask THAT question, instead of a question in relation to something the Supreme Court clearly knew wasn't happening?

No doubt, because "Sovereignty Association" is the total overthrow of the Constitution, Parliament and Legislatures of Canada for the Europe Union system. This is NOT "secession", it's a coup d'etat on Canada, colluded in by our Prime Ministers and their governments for decades, while using the pretense that Quebec was "seceding" as the front to shield it.

It is the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT that is overthrowing Canada. Quebec is merely a pawn being used to achieve it... and to escape with High Treason.


  1. Quelques articles prouvant que le PQ est un faux parti séparatiste:




    Le séparatisme est VOULU par les mondialistes

  2. 1 - ANTIMACON !

    Salut ! Salut ! Je viens de découvrir votre message! Deux ans ! Taberwet. J'ai des affaires pour vous :

    Oui, c'est VOULU !

    SVP - très important, Lisez la description sous la première vidéo, ici, cliquez sur “Show Description“ sur "Epic Trailer" sur – suivez les liens, regardez les documents.

    En 1996, le CFR ( a été au courant du 'Renvoi sur la sécession' avant que l'on l'a annoncé au Canada! Le jour avant l'annonce, faite par Allan Rock, 5-6 hommes du CFR ont présenté une demande au Congrès américain pour joindre les E-U avec le Canada dans une 'affiliation supranationale' pour 'stabiliser' le continent parce que, ils ont dit, Québec ALLAIT 'faire sécession'. Ces hommes américains du CFR ont déclaré au Congrès que la Cour suprême du Canada allait faire quelque chose pour faciliter la « sécession » de Québec ! (Mais ici, Chretien nous a dit que son but était 'd'empêcher' la sécession.)

    Quelqu'un devrait traduire des parties importantes de la présentation CFR, c'est ici :

    Le CFR est la branche américaine de l'Institut Royal d'Affaires internationales (RIIA) basé à Londres à la Maison Chatham (Chatham House). Il y a une branche canadienne ici, l'Institut international canadien (CIC) [], maintenant appelé 'Open Canada' essayant d'enlever la frontière nationale du Canada avec les Etats-Unis et nous relier aux diverses dictatures communistes, chinoises etc.

  3. 2 - Les gens impliqués au Canada dans le projet de forcer le Québec à faire 'sécession' font partie du branche canadienne du RIIA, CIC-Open Canada, notamment Power Corporation et Eddie Goldenberg et als. CIC et CFR et RIIA sont UN SEUL groupe ayant des branches dans toutes les vieilles colonies, tous collaborant pour détruire nos nations. Ceux sont en réalité des facades pour la société secrète de Cecil Rhodes, mais je pense que c’est maintenant contrôlée par des juifs, des hauts financiers. Ils veulent des unions régionales sous un gouvernement mondial. C'est pourquoi 9/11 a été fait! Pour forcer le Canada et le Mexique dans une 'affiliation supranationale' comme a demandé le CFR en 1996 le jour avant le fameux “Renvoi“. Québec sera utilisé à la fin pour démanteler le Canada dès que la fusion continentale est surtout finie. Une courte histoire de la société secrète :

    La société secrète collabore avec les Communistes. Le CFR mis sur pied aux Etats-Unis l'Institut des Relations Pacifiques, il a été finalement mené par les Communistes et contrôlé par le Kremlin. VERITE. Quand c'a été révélé, ils ont fermé leurs portes et ont déménagé dans la Columbia britannique. Lester Pearson était un Communiste, un agent soviétique. C'a été révélé aux Etats-Unis en environ1951, ils ont averti le Canada, mais en vain, il est devenu le Premier ministre. Trudeau était un Communiste; et il y a d'autres. La GRC a pensé que Simon Reisman était un 'communiste subversif'. Reisman a négocié l'accord de 'Libre-échange' avec les Etats-Unis -- c'était un pas vers l'union régionale. Nous sommes à la hauteur de nos oreilles dans les Communistes grâce à l'Institut Royal. Et Power Corporation aime engager ces Communistes et financer leurs campagnes politiques.

    Et coup d'oeil ici : le «Patron Royal» de tout cela, «Sa Majesté» :

    Je suis verouillée déhors de mes blogs français sur espace canoë... c'est eux, canoë, ils m'ont verouillé déhors, pour m'empêcher d'informer le monde. Je suis sûr.

    J'ai d'autres blogs :

    WordPress: (Nos communistes)

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    J'espère que vous recevez ce message!